MD-GAS Newsletter no4 - Summer Edition

It is our pleasure to release the fourth newsletter of our MD-GAS COST Action. 

Please, find attached Newsletter No4 with a selection of scientific highlights, information, and the latest news about the Action and its activities.

We would like to thank all of you who kindly contributed to this edition of the newsletter.

Thank you so very much!

Please, read the information about new co-leaders' joining the core group, COST grant opportunities, upcoming meetings, and ECIs virtual webinars.

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We strongly encourage all of you to contribute continuously with information of interest to the MD-GAS community. For instance job offers, info about labs and software, and research highlights - in particular from articles acknowledging the MD-GAS COST Action.

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Wishing you a nice summertime we hope to see you all very soon!

Your Science Communication Management team

Marta ?abuda, Ewa Erdmann, Mattea Carmen Castrovilli