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MD-GAS WG1 & WG2 Conference 2021

Preliminary  program

MD-GAS WG1 & WG2 Conference 2021


15th to 19th of March 2021


This meeting is one of the activities proposed in the frame of working group 1 and working group 2 of the MD-GAS COST Action (CA18212), and it will focus on:
New high-performance instrumentation and experimental methods (WG1) and Survival and destruction of molecules following energetic processing (WG2)

The topic of the conference is quite broad covering the development of high-performance instrumentation, as well as the gas phase molecular dynamics induced by interactions between molecules/clusters and photons, electrons, or heavy particles, and their applications in e.g. astrochemical and atmospheric sciences, and molecular radiation damage.


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3rd February 2021Registration open
17th February 2021Abstract submission deadline for Young Scientific Forum speaker selection
28th February 2021Abstract submission deadline for poster presenters
8th March 2021Registration deadline

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Preliminary program:

Preliminary  program