MD-GAS COST Action - WG3 Virtual Meeting

Preliminary  program

PATAS 2021

Processes in ATmospheric and AStrochemical environments


18th to 21st of January 2021


This meeting is one of the activities proposed in the frame of working group 3 of the COST Action, and it will focus in Processes in Atmospheric and Astrochemical Environments.

We will cover related topics such as charge and energy flow processes in atmospheric aerosols, hydration and solvation of molecules in the atmosphere, molecular encapsulation of gas-phase pollutants for air pollution control, deexcitation and/or molecular growth processes of relevant carbonaceous species in the interstellar medium, etc.




1st of December 2020Opening of the registrations
15th of December 2020Abstract submissions
4th of January 2021Registrations

Preliminary program:

Preliminary  program