Experimental School 2022

Second announcement

MD-GAS Training School

Molecular dynamics in the gas phase:
experimental tools and methods

Trieste 12th-15th July 2022

The main aim of the MD-GAS COST Action (CA18212), which brings together scientists from 31 countries and 4 industrial partners, is to develop a new physical and chemical toolbox to significantly advance the understanding of:

  • gas phase molecular dynamics induced in interactions between molecules or clusters and photons, electrons, or heavy particles;
  • its consequences for a broad range of applications in e.g. astrochemical and atmospheric sciences, and molecular radiation damage.

The training school covers a broad range of topics in the development of instruments and the implementation of methods which provide new opportunities in molecular physics and physical chemistry and examples of applications in related research fields such as astrochemistry, atmospheric chemistry, radiation damage and life science.


The school will be on-site with attendance limited to 50 trainees and with priority given to PhD students and early career researchers, which are warmly invited to participate.

The participation to the school is free of charge. The registration form is available on the MD-GAS Web page (https://mdgas.eu/experimental_school) and the deadline for the application is May 31st.


The MD-GAS COST Action will provide financial support for a limited number of participants.

The participants interested in the support should fill the application form available at the MD-GAS web page before April 25th, 2022.

Location: Area Science Park, Campus Padriciano, Trieste

The Campus is located at about 10Km from Trieste and 4 Km from Basovizza, the nearest village. A regular bus service (line 51) connects the Campus and the railway station of Trieste with a stop in Basovizza. The travel from town lasts about 30 minutes.


The attendees are expected to arrange their own accommodation. The organizers will make a block reservation of a certain number of rooms at Center Hotel (Basovizza). The block reservation will last until 30 April 2022.


Trieste: In town there are several hotels, the ones in the area close to the railway station are the most convenient to reach the Campus with the bus.

A partial list of Hotels in town is reported on the Elettra web site


In the Campus a canteen operates at lunch time (typical price for a full meal 8€)




Local Organizers
Paola Bolognesi, Laura Carlini, Lorenzo Avaldi