Female Talent Fellowship

Call for a PhD candidate position in the group of Sadia Bari at DESY within the framework of a Female Talent Fellowship

We are looking for a highly motivated and talented female student for applying as PhD candidate to a Female Talent Fellowship within the CUI (Cluster of Excellence CUI: Advanced Imaging of Matter, Universität Hamburg). The successful candidate would join CUI and our young and dynamic research group at the prestigious Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY in Hamburg, Germany. If the application to the fund call is successful, the PhD position could start as early as March 2022 and at the latest in September 2022 and for a period of 3 years. The PhD project will be defined jointly with the successful candidate, around the research thematic of the group.

Our research activities focus on using innovative spectroscopic techniques at advanced light sources (synchrotron, free-electron laser) in combination with state-of-art electrospray tandem mass- spectrometry, ion traps and ion mobility, to study complex molecular systems of biological interest. By developing these experimental approaches, we aim at 1. resolving molecular electronic and spatial structures and their relationship; 2. unravelling ultrafast charge transfer and time-dependent fragmentation dynamics; 3. understanding radiation damage of free and solvated biologically-relevant systems at the molecular level. Our group has strongly established collaborations with researchers in Germany, the Netherlands, France and Sweden. In the past years, the group has been performing experiments at various facilities, including the synchrotrons BESSYII, PETRA III, SOLEIL, and the free- electron lasers FLASH, EuXFEL and FELIX.

We strongly encourage motivated women interested in joining us to contact us by January 15, 2022 with a CV and short motivation letter. We are especially looking for candidates with a Master degree in physics, chemistry, physical chemistry or related fields and good communication skills in English (spoken and written). Knowledge in the following fields is beneficial: mass spectrometry, ion mobility, IR/UV spectroscopy, VUV / soft X-ray spectroscopy, photoelectron spectroscopy, high vacuum techniques.

Contact email address (also in case of any questions): sadia.bari@desy.de

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