ECI Webinar: "Merged-beams experiments with the DESIREE storage rings"

Wednesday the 24th of November 2021 @ 15h00 CET

Speaker: Gustav EKLUND, Postdoctoral researcher

Stockholm University, SWEDEN

Title of the talk : "Merged-beams experiments with the DESIREE storage rings"

Abstract: Recent developments at the DESIREE storage ring facility have led to a number of results from experiments with merged ion beams. The experiments study mutual neutralization processes between oppositely charged atomic or molecular ions. The interactions are studied using imaging techniques, where the reaction products are detected in coincidence. By studying the relative positions of the detected particles, properties of the mutual neutralization reaction can be determined. The experimental results are important for benchmarking state-of-the-art theoretical models that are being applied in a number of areas, such as modeling of stellar atmospheres.