MD-GAS WG1 & WG2 Conference 2021

Preliminary  program

MD-GAS WG1 & WG2 Conference 2021


15th to 19th of March 2021


This meeting is one of the activities proposed in the frame of working group 1 and working group 2 of the MD-GAS COST Action (CA18212), and it will focus on:
New high-performance instrumentation and experimental methods (WG1) and Survival and destruction of molecules following energetic processing (WG2)

The topic of the conference is quite broad covering the development of high-performance instrumentation, as well as the gas phase molecular dynamics induced by interactions between molecules/clusters and photons, electrons, or heavy particles, and their applications in e.g. astrochemical and atmospheric sciences, and molecular radiation damage.


Confirmed invited speakers

Plenary Lectures:

  • Evan Bieske, University of Melbourne - Isomer selective studies of molecular ions
  • Valerie Blanchet, CELIA, Université de Bordeaux - Molecular chirality on a short time-scale
  • Daniel Strasser, Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Making and Breaking Chemical Bonds
  • Henrik Svensmark, Technical University of Denmark - Connection between cosmic rays, clouds and climate

Progress Reports:

  • Camilla Calabrese, University of the Basque Country - Rotational spectroscopy of molecules and molecular complexes of astrophysical interests
  • Basile Curchod, Durham University - Sunlight-Induced Nonadiabatic Dynamics of Atmospheric Molecules
  • Rebecca Ingle, University College London - Soft X-ray Methods for Probing Chemical Dynamics
  • Stanka Jerosimic, University of Belgrade - Ab initio QM treatment of open-shell systems relevant for ISM
  • Bastian Manschwetus, FLASH free electron laser facility, DESY, Hamburg - Gas-phase pump probe spectroscopy using the "flash" free electron laser
  • Serge Duarte Pinto, Photonis - Radiation detectors
  • Jingming Long, Amsterdam Scientific Instruments - Ultrafast and powerful time-stamping camera for investigating molecular dynamics
  • Konstantinas Zakalskis, EKSPLA - Inventing a new tunable UV light source
  • Mikael Ehm, University of Helsinki - Forming large low-volatile organic molecules in the atmosphere
  • Sandra Brücken, FELIX/Radboud University - Low temperature kinetics of interstellar ions unraveled by infrared action spectroscopy
  • Paweł Możejko, Gdansk University of Technology - Recent progress in total cross section measurements for electron scattering from molecules
  • Glen Jackson, West Virginia University - keV ion activation in mass spectrometry
  • Mark Stockett, Stockholm University - Competitive dehydrogenation and backbone fragmentation of super-hydrogenated PAHs

Special Reports:

  • Laura Carlini, CNR-ISM - Temperature induced cyclisation mechanisms in linear dipeptides
  • Wen Li, University of Groningen - Charge reversing multiple electron detachment auger decay of inner-shell vacancies in gas-phase dna anions
  • João Pereira da Silva, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa - Electron interactions with R134a (CF3CH2F) refrigerant gas
  • Kaja Schubert, DESY Hamburg - Unravelling the electronic structure of isolated metalloporphyrins with metal L-edge spectroscopy
  • Prince Tiwari, ETH Zürich - Ultra-short distance probes for gaseous biomolecules
  • João Ameixa, University of Innsbruck - Electron attachment to OTfU: a potential radiosensitizer


3rd February 2021Registration open
17th February 2021Abstract submission deadline for Young Scientific Forum speaker selection
28th February 2021Abstract submission deadline for poster presenters
8th March 2021Registration deadline

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Preliminary program:

Preliminary  program